Peer-Reviewed Publications


  1. M.S. Kim, Deepika, S.H. Lee, M.-S. Kim, J.-H. Ryu, K.-R. Lee, L.A. Archer, W.I. Cho
    Enabling reversible redox reactions in electrochemical cells using protected LiAl intermetallics as lithium metal anodes

    Science Advances
    eaax5587 (2019) [PDF]

  2. M.S. Kim, J.-H. Ryu, Deepika, Y.R. Lim, I.W. Nah, K.-R. Lee, L.A. Archer, W.I. Cho
    Langmuir-Blodgett artificial solid-electrolyte interphases for practical lithium metal batteries

    Nature Energy
    3, 889-898 (2018) [PDF]
    Hero image  [PDF]


  3. M.S. Kim, M.-S. Kim, V. Do, Y.R. Lim, I.W. Nah, L.A. Archer, W.I. Cho 
    Designing solid-electrolyte interphases for lithium sulfur electrodes using ionic shields

    Nano Energy 
    41, 573-582 (2017) [PDF]

  4. M.S. Kim, L. Ma, S. Choudhury, L.A. Archer
    Multifunctional Separator Coatings for High Performance Lithium sulfur Batteries

    Advanced Materials Interfaces 
    3, 1600450 (2016)  [PDF]
    Front cover [PDF]


  5. M.S. Kim, L. Ma, S. Choudhury, S. Moganty, S. Wei, L.A Archer
    Fabricating multifunctional nanoparticle membranes by a fast layer-by-layer Langmuir– Blodgett process: application in lithium–sulfur batteries

    Journal of Materials Chemistry A
    4, 14709-14719 (2016)  [PDF]

  6. M.S. Kim, B. Hsia, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Flexible micro-supercapacitors with high energy density from simple transfer of photoresist-derived carbon electrodes

    74, 163-169 (2014)  [PDF]


  7. B. Hsia†, M.S. Kim†, L.E Luna†, N.R Mair, Y. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Templated 3D CVD ultrathin graphite networks with controllable geometry: synthesis and application as supercapacitor electrodes

    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 
    6, 18413-18417 (2014)  [PDF]


  1. J. Zheng, M.S. Kim, Z. Tu, S. Choudhury, T. Tang, L.A. Archer
    Regulating electrodeposition morphology of lithium: towards commercially relevant secondary Li metal batteries

    Chemical Society Reviews
    2020 [PDF]

  2. M.-S. Kim, M.S. Kim, V. Do, Y. Xia, W. Kim, W.I. Cho 
    Facile and scalable fabrication of high-energy-density sulfur cathodes for pragmatic lithium-sulfur batteries
    Journal of Power Sources
    422, 104-112 (2019) [PDF]

  3. L. Ma, M.S. Kim, L.A. Archer 
    Stable artificial solid electrolyte interphases for lithium batteries 

    Chemistry of Materials 
    29, 4181-4189 (2017) [PDF]


  4. B. Hsia, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Cycling characteristics of high energy density, electrochemically activated porous-carbon supercapacitor electrodes in aqueous electrolytes

    Journal of Material Chemistry A 
    1, 10518-10523 (2013)  [PDF]


  5. B. Hsia, M.S. Kim, M. Vincent, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Photoresist-derived porous carbon for on-chip micro-supercapacitors

    57, 395-400 (2013)  [PDF]


  6. J.P Alper, M.S. Kim, M. Vincent, B. Hsia, V. Radmilovic, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Silicon carbide nanowires as highly robust electrodes for micro-supercapacitors

    Journal of Power Sources 
    230, 298-302 (2013)  [PDF]


  1. V. Do, Deepika, M.S. Kim, M.-S. Kim, K.-R. Lee, W.I. Cho
    Carbon Nitride Phosphorus as an Effective Lithium Polysulfide Adsorbent for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
    11(12), 11431-11441 (2019) [PDF]

  2. K.M. Kwon, I.G. Kim, K.Y. Lee, H. Kim, M.S. Kim, W.I. Cho, J. Choi, I.W. Nah
    α-Fe2O3 anchored on porous N doped carbon derived from green microalgae via spray pyrolysis as anode materials for lithium ion batteries

    Journal of Industrial Engineering Chemistry 
    69, 39-47 (2019) [PDF]

  3. L. Ma, H. Zhuang, S. Wei, K. Hendrickson, M.S. Kim, R.G. Hennig, L.A. Archer
    Enhanced Li-S batteries using Amine- functionalized CNT in the Cathode: Electrochemistry and Kinetics of Polysulfide Dissolution

    ACS Nano 
    10, 1050-1059 (2015)  [PDF]


  1. M.S. Kim, B. Hsia, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Flexible micro-supercapacitors from photoresist-derived carbon electrodes on flexible substrates
    The 27thInternational Conferenc
    e (IEEE MEMS 2014, San Francisco, USA), 389-392
    2014 [PDF]


  2. B. Hsia, S. Wang, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    All solid-state micro-supercapacitors using ionogel electrolyte
    The 17th International Conference (
    TRANSDUCERS 2013, Barcelona, Spain), 1328-1331
    2013 [PDF]


  3. M. Vincent, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Silicon carbide nanowires as an electrode material for high-temperature supercapacitor
    The 25th International Conference (
    IEEE MEMS 2012, Paris, France), 39-42
    2012 [PDF]


  4. B. Hsia, M. Vincent, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Photoresist-derived porous carbon for integrated on-chip energy storage

    2012 Hilton Head Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop, 254-255
    2012 [PDF]