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Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. M.S. Kim, Z. Zhang, J. Wang, S. T. Oyakhire, S. C. Kim, Y. Zhiao, Y. Chen, D. T. Boyle, Y. Ye, Z. Huang, W. Zhang, R. Xu, P. Sayavong, S. F. Bent, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui
    Revealing the multi-functions of Li3N in the suspension electrolyte for lithium metal batteries
    ACS Nano

    17(3), 3168-3180 (2023) [PDF]


  2. M.S. Kim, Z. Zhang, P. Rudnicki, Z. Yu, J. Wang, H. Wang, S. T. Oyakhire, Y. Chen, S.C. Kim, W. Zhang, D. T. Boyle, X. Kong, R. Xu, Z. Huang, W. Huang, S. F. Bent, L.W. Wang, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui
    Suspension electrolyte with modified Li+ solvation environment for lithium metal batteries
    Nature Materials
    21, 445-454 (2022) [PDF & SI]


  3. S.H. Lee†, M.S. Kim†, J.-H. Lee, J.-H. Ryu, V. Do, B.G. Lee, W. Kim, W.I. Cho
    Li-In alloy anode and Nb2CTX2 artificial solid- electrolyte interphase for practical Li metal batteries
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A
    10, 4157-4169 (2022) [PDF]


  4. M.S. Kim, Deepika, S.H. Lee, M.-S. Kim, J.-H. Ryu, K.-R. Lee, L.A. Archer, W.I. Cho
    Enabling reversible redox reactions in electrochemical cells using protected LiAl intermetallics as lithium metal anodes
    Science Advances
    eaax5587 (2019) [PDF]


  5. M.S. Kim, J.-H. Ryu, Deepika, Y.R. Lim, I.W. Nah, K.-R. Lee, L.A. Archer, W.I. Cho
    Langmuir-Blodgett artificial solid-electrolyte interphases for practical lithium metal batteries
    Nature Energy
    3, 889-898 (2018) [PDF]
    Hero image  [PDF]


  6. M.S. Kim, M.-S. Kim, V. Do, Y.R. Lim, I.W. Nah, L.A. Archer, W.I. Cho 
    Designing solid-electrolyte interphases for lithium sulfur electrodes using ionic shields
    Nano Energy 
    41, 573-582 (2017) [PDF]


  7. M.S. Kim, L. Ma, S. Choudhury, L.A. Archer
    Multifunctional Separator Coatings for High Performance Lithium sulfur Batteries
    Advanced Materials Interfaces 
    3, 1600450 (2016)  [PDF]
    Front cover [PDF]


  8. M.S. Kim, L. Ma, S. Choudhury, S. Moganty, S. Wei, L.A Archer
    Fabricating multifunctional nanoparticle membranes by a fast layer-by-layer Langmuir– Blodgett process: application in lithium–sulfur batteries
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A
    4, 14709-14719 (2016)  [PDF]


  9. M.S. Kim, B. Hsia, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Flexible micro-supercapacitors with high energy density from simple transfer of photoresist-derived carbon electrodes
    74, 163-169 (2014)  [PDF]


  10. B. Hsia†, M.S. Kim†, L.E Luna†, N.R Mair, Y. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Templated 3D CVD ultrathin graphite networks with controllable geometry: synthesis and application as supercapacitor electrodes
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 
    6, 18413-18417 (2014)  [PDF]


  1. W. Zhang, P. Sayavong, X. Xiao, S. T. Oyakhire, S. B. Shuchi, R. A. Vila, D. T. Boyle, S.C. Kim, M.S. Kim, S. E. Holmes, Y. Ye, D. Li, S. F. Bent, Y. Cui
    Recovery of isolated lithium through discharged state calendar ageing
    626, 306-312 (2024) [PDF]


  2. S.C. Kim, X. Gao, S.-L. Liao, H. Su, Y. Chen, W. Zhang, L. C. Greenburg, J.-A. Pan, X. Zheng, Y. Ye, M.S. Kim, P. Sayavong, A. Brest, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui
    Solvation-property relationship of lithium-sulphur battery electrolytes
    Nature Communications
    15, 1268 (2024) [PDF]


  3. S. T. Oyakhire, S.-L. Liao, S. B. Shichi, M.S. Kim, S.C. Kim, Z. Yu, R. A. Vila, P. E. Rudnicki, Y. Cui, S. F. Bent
    Proximity Matters: Interfacial Solvation Dictates Solid Electrolyte Interphase Composition
    Nano Letters
    23(16), 7524-7531 (2023) [PDF]


  4. S.C. Kim, J. Wang, R. Xu, P. Zhang, Y. Chen, Z. Huang, Y. Yang, Z. Yu, S. T. Oyakhire, W. Zhang, L. Greenburg, M.S. Kim, D. T. Boyle, P. Sayavong, Y. Ye, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui
    High Entropy Electrolytes for Practical Lithium Metal Batteries
    Nature Energy
    8, 814-826 (2023) [PDF]


  5. P. Sayavong, W. Zhang, S. T. Oyakhire, D. T. Boyle, Y. Chen, S.C. Kim, R. A. Vila, S. E. Holmes, M.S. Kim, S. F. Bent, Z. Bao, Y. Cui
    Dissolution of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase and Its Effects on Lithium Metal Anode Cyclability
    145(22), 12342-12350 (2023) [PDF]


  6. S.C. Kim, S. T. Oyakhire, C. Athanitis, J. Wang, Z. Zhang, W. Zhang, D. T. Boyle, M.S. Kim, Z. Yu, X. Gao, T. Sogade, E. Wu, J. Qin, Z. Bao, S. F. Bent, Y. Cui
    Data-driven electrolyte design for lithium metal anodes
    120(10), e2214357120 (2023) [PDF]


  7. S. T. Oyakhire, W. Zhang, Z. Yu, S. E. Holmes, P. Sayavong, S.C. Kim, D. T. Boyle, M.S. Kim, Z. Zhang, Y. Cui, S. F. Bent
    Correlating the formation protocols of solid electrolyte interphases with practical performance metrics in lithium metal batteries
    ACS Energy Letters
    8, 869-877 (2023) [PDF]


  8. D. T. Boyle, Y. Li, A. Pei, R. A. Vila, Z. Zhang, P. Sayavong, M.S. Kim, W. Huang, H. Wang, Y. Liu, R. Xu, R. Sinclair, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui
    Resolving Current-Dependent Regimes of Electroplating Mechanisms for Fast Charging Lithium Metal Anodes
    Nano Letters
    22(20), 8224-8232 (2022) [PDF]


  9. Z. Yu, P. Rudnicki, Z. Zhang, Z. Huang, H. Celik, S. T. Oyakhire, Y. Chen, X. Kong, S.C. Kim, X. Xiao, H. Wang, Y. Zheng, G. Kamat, M.S. Kim, S. F. Bent, J. Qin, Y. Cui, Z. Bao
    Rational solvent molecule tuning for high-performance lithium metal battery electrolytes
    Nature Energy

    7, 94-106 (2022) [PDF]


  10. J. Zheng, M.S. Kim, Z. Tu, S. Choudhury, T. Tang, L.A. Archer
    Regulating electrodeposition morphology of lithium: towards commercially relevant secondary Li metal batteries
    Chemical Society Reviews
    49(9), 2701-2750 (2020) [PDF]

  11. V. Do, Deepika, M.S. Kim, M.-S. Kim, K.-R. Lee, W.I. Cho
    Carbon Nitride Phosphorus as an Effective Lithium Polysulfide Adsorbent for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
    11(12), 11431-11441 (2019) [PDF]


  12. K.M. Kwon, I.G. Kim, K.Y. Lee, H. Kim, M.S. Kim, W.I. Cho, J. Choi, I.W. Nah
    α-Fe2O3 anchored on porous N doped carbon derived from green microalgae via spray pyrolysis as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
    Journal of Industrial Engineering Chemistry 
    69, 39-47 (2019) [PDF]


  13. M.-S. Kim, M.S. Kim, V. Do, Y. Xia, W. Kim, W.I. Cho 
    Facile and scalable fabrication of high-energy-density sulfur cathodes for pragmatic lithium-sulfur batteries
    Journal of Power Sources
    422, 104-112 (2019) [PDF]

  14. L. Ma, M.S. Kim, L.A. Archer 
    Stable artificial solid electrolyte interphases for lithium batteries 
    Chemistry of Materials 
    29, 4181-4189 (2017) [PDF]

  15. L. Ma, H. Zhuang, S. Wei, K. Hendrickson, M.S. Kim, R.G. Hennig, L.A. Archer
    Enhanced Li-S batteries using Amine- functionalized CNT in the Cathode: Electrochemistry and Kinetics of Polysulfide Dissolution
    ACS Nano 
    10, 1050-1059 (2015)  [PDF]


  16. B. Hsia, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Cycling characteristics of high energy density, electrochemically activated porous-carbon supercapacitor electrodes in aqueous electrolytes
    Journal of Material Chemistry A 
    1, 10518-10523 (2013)  [PDF]

  17. B. Hsia, M.S. Kim, M. Vincent, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Photoresist-derived porous carbon for on-chip micro-supercapacitors
    57, 395-400 (2013)  [PDF]

  18. J.P Alper, M.S. Kim, M. Vincent, B. Hsia, V. Radmilovic, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Silicon carbide nanowires as highly robust electrodes for micro-supercapacitors
    Journal of Power Sources 
    230, 298-302 (2013)  [PDF]


  1. M.S. Kim, B. Hsia, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Flexible micro-supercapacitors from photoresist-derived carbon electrodes on flexible substrates
    The 27thInternational Conference (IEEE MEMS 2014, San Francisco, USA), 389-392
    2014 [PDF]


  2. B. Hsia, S. Wang, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    All solid-state micro-supercapacitors using ionogel electrolyte
    The 17th International Conference (TRANSDUCERS 2013, Barcelona, Spain), 1328-1331
    2013 [PDF]


  3. M. Vincent, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Silicon carbide nanowires as an electrode material for high-temperature supercapacitor
    The 25th International Conference (IEEE MEMS 2012, Paris, France), 39-42
    2012 [PDF]


  4. B. Hsia, M. Vincent, M.S. Kim, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian
    Photoresist-derived porous carbon for integrated on-chip energy storage
    2012 Hilton Head Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop, 254-255
    2012 [PDF]

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